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Configure switch port between WLC and Cisco Switch

Configure switch port between WLC and Cisco Switch

New Contributor
Hi all

I have problem about port configuration between WLC(NX5000) and core switch(Cisco catalyst)

vlan 11 for manage APs
vlan 10 for manage all device (swtich,WLC,server ,etc)

On WLC(NX5500) uplink port configure as
Trunk native vlan 11
No tag native vlan
Trunk allow vlan 11,10

On Core Switch Cisco port configure as
Trunk Native vlan11
Trunk allow vlan 11,10

No notification about VLAN Missmatch on switch

When I configure uplink port like this , All APs in system will always offline.
All APs model aoption by MiNT L3 , obtain DHCP from WLC on vlan 11

All APs configure as
Trunk native 11
No tag native vlan
Trunk allow van 11 , and etc.

so APs will online normally when configure uplink port to access vlan 11 on both side(WLC and Switch).

What did I do wrong ?

Thank in advance.! ?

New Contributor


On RF-Domain
Should enable this ?

Thanks a bunch for your help.

New Contributor

Does the NX5500 have an IP address on VLAN-11?
  • Yes , There are 2 IP address , VLAN10 and VLAN11
Are there any ACLs between the APs and the NX5500 that would block UDP port 24576?
  • I didn't do anything on ALC.
You seem to be saying that the APs CAN be online if connected a certain way...but I'm not understanding what you're saying.
  • Sorry , I meant when change configure port between WLC and Switch to ACCESS PORT VLAN11
all APs will back to ONLINE , butt It must be TRUNK PORT because multi VLAN on NX5500.

Extreme Employee
Chris....might be a case where the 'controller-vlan' parameter needs to be configured....if both VLANs 10 and 11 are accessible by the AP and controller.

Extreme Employee
Have the same vlans been configured and allowed on the switchports powering up and connected to the APs?
Christoph S.