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General disconnection from WiFi

General disconnection from WiFi

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We have a warehouse with 133 APs (mix of AP6521, AP7522 and AP7532) connected to RFS4000 controller running WiNG OS, we have 2 SSIDs active on different VLANs tunneled to the RFS4000 and sent to the core switch via physical ports.

We had an event where all the WiFi Clients from all the APs and all the SSIDs got disconnected and in about one minute or two devices start reconnecting again.  I was checking the uptime and all devices (controller and Access Points) were not rebooted since all show several days uptime.   Also Checked logs and I didn't see any sign of massive disconnection at the event time.  None of the network (wired) devices lost connection (teams meeting, intranet sessions, etc.)

I would like to know what could have caused this massive disconnection on all the devices on the warehouse.  Could you provide any hint about what can I check?  I would like to know the source of it in order to avoid it happenning again.

Thank you in advance for all your help.



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I suppose, you are using Layer 2 (MAC) adoption (MINT Level 1) together with tunelling. In such a scenario, besides all the traffic going through an RFS (bottleneck), the RFS is also doing the RF-Domain manager (it usually takes over, once it is in the same broadcast domain, even if APs are "allowed" to become rfd-mgr.) It is not recommended to use MINT links level 1 (MLCP VLAN) once there is 100 and more APs in 1 RF/broadcast domain. I would strongly recommend moving to local bridging (yes, you'd need to reconfigure all the switches' ports) and eventually also consider using Layer 3 (IP) / Mint link Level 2 adoption. Check out the corresponding passages in the WING best practices document available for download somewhere within support pages. P.S. I would also suggest groupping same-type APs into different RF-domains, if they are also physically placed within different locations/parts of the warehouse. And get rid of AP6521, this is a low-end device, not really suited for serious warehouse/enterprise operation. AP75xx are "good workhorses", they can serve for quite a time, especially given the current supply issues with newer series. (AP7522 are still available in the second-hand market). Good luck!