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Low Data Rate for AP7562 ann AP 7532 AC Radio

Low Data Rate for AP7562 ann AP 7532 AC Radio

New Contributor

Hi ;

I am trying to solve Wing AP problems in an hotel for one year. We cant get any support especially in Turkey for Wing products. 

We had so many problems about download speeds and intermittent disconnects. Some engineers came from Extreme HQ in Turkey and told that there are network issues, not about Wing. But when we run an Aruba AP in the same networks we hadnt seen any problem. 

I tried to solve the issues by searching the support pages and community topics. 

But one problem is really disturbing. 

As you can see the pictures below for AP7562 and AP7532 radio2 i cant get maximum data rates. When i connect an Aruba 275 in the system same location, i can see maximum data rate 866 Mbps. With same phone when i connect to 75xx AP’s, despite being near the AP and see -45 dbm, i can only see maximum speed 96Mbps in channel 100. 












New Contributor III

Thank you for providing command result.
From “show wireless radio detail”. I can see AP is operating with 80Mhz and speed can be up to 1.3Ghz with 3 stream. Normally, Android only support 2 stream, so 866 is Max as you said.

From “show wireless client detail”, AP understand that this client capability is only 802.11an, 1 stream, and 40Mhz channel width. To reach 866, it should be 802.11ac, 2 stream, 80Mhz.
This info is based on conversation between AP and client during association phase. I suspect something wrong during at that phase. *Probe request/response, association request/response, authentication request/response.

I think we need further investigation including wireless packet capture. You may open GTAC case with valid support entitlement. You will need to provide tech-support file, wireless packet capture. They will inform you what they need for investigation once you opened case.

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Unfortunately i could only see 150 Mbit when i configure static channel as 100ww.






Extreme Employee

I think it’s because radio is operating 20Mhz channel width, what if you configure static channel?
e.g.) channel 36ww

“w” is 40Mhz and “ww” is 80Mhz if I am not mistaken.

New Contributor

Still searching…

I found a related article.

I think this friend solved the related issue by disabling Client Roam Assit and Voice Vlan.

But i cant find a setting in Wireless menu for Wing 5.8

Can anyone help?