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Number of SSID's can be brodcasted in AP7532 adopted in controller RFS7000?

Number of SSID's can be brodcasted in AP7532 adopted in controller RFS7000?

New Contributor II
Hi All
Can any body tell me the total number of SSID's can be broadcast in AP 7532 which is adopted in RFS 7000.

Thanks & Regards
Abdul Raheem


New Contributor II
Use as few SSIDs as you can to leave ample room for data. The more SSIDs, the more management and Beacon traffic. Also, look at dynamic vlan assignments. That can really help to reduce the number of SSIDs. 3 is a good number - Corporate, Guest and Legacy.

There are several calculators that show the amount of overhead associated with the number of SSIDs to number of APs per channel and compares data rates and through-puts. You will be amazed at how little room there is for data once you start adding more SSIDs.

Keep your SSIDs configurations simple and the numbers low. Your users will be thankful.

Honored Contributor
Here a slide from a Extreme presentation that should give you an idea.

The important values are 3 of SSID and the MBR that is used.


Honored Contributor
You should keep the number of SSIDs as low as possible to avoid using all the airtime for mgmt traffic.
I'll try to not go over 3 per frequency band.

Extreme Employee
Hi Abdul,

Max 16 SSID per radio on AP7532.