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some question about cli on ap7522e

some question about cli on ap7522e


I have an old 7522e, would like to config it under cli. I got some question:

  1. how to verify which operational mode the ap current at?
  2. I can't access the ap's GUI, ping ok, but browser access http/https result with 403 forbidden. how to solve it?
  3. Any possible to upgrade the the secondary image to a new one and how?

> show version
AP7522 version
Copyright (c) 2004-2018 Extreme Networks, Inc. All rights reserved.
Booted from secondary

ap7522-A1AE58 uptime is 0 days, 01 hours 06 minutes
CPU is ARMv7, No. of CPUs 2
Base ethernet MAC address is 74-67-F7-A1-AE-58
System serial number is 16106522200420
Model number is AP-7522E-67030-WR

  1. How to verify if this image is enterprise version?

Extreme Employee


       When AP7522 (Express) is upgraded to v5.9.2 or higher, the AP is no longer an Express AP, though the AP7522E model will still show Express under CLI “show version”. 

The AP should be re-imaged using the standard image, not LEAN, in order to have UI access. 

The following is a Knowledge Article explaining how to upgrade the AP via CLI:

The following is a Knowledge Article explaining the differences between standard and lean images:

Hope this helps.


Chris Frazee




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Extreme Employee

You can try to take the AP off of the network, reset back to factory defaults using the console cable, and see if the AP seizes to reboot. If this process does not mitigate the boot loop, please have the AP RMA’d. 

The following is a Knowledgebase Article explaining WiNG AP Factory Default:


Extreme Employee

...leaving the reboot loop to GTAC. 🙂


well, I have an ap7522 reboot loop, any possible to flash a new image under u-boot?

Extreme Employee

When a new version of WiNG is used to upload a WiNG device (AP or controller), the new version is populated onto the image not being used. Example, if you are booted into the Primary image and perform and update, the update is loaded onto the Secondary image. The actual config though is carried over between both images.