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TS-524 / TW-522

TS-524 / TW-522

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I've recently got involved with maintaining a large hotel (28 floors) using stacked TS-524's along with TW-522 room AP's for WIFI along with the POTS lines to each room.. For the most part the system is working very well. But when trying to trouble shoot wiring issues at the IDF or wall plate (even on a working room) my butt set cannot pick up dial-tone when connected directly to the pair removed from the jack or at the IDF.. I'm not sure if I need to be using a filter or something to pick up the dial-tone or if it's just my butt set. I recently purchased a Fluke TS54 TDR to use on my next visit to the site. I hope I'm explaining myself properly and that someone might be able to offer a little help. Thanks!

Extreme Employee


Unfortunately, there are no more HW Engineers for the T5 product available - it has been End of Lifed, so I have nobody to request that info from.  However, I found an old email from an Engineer that may be useful.

Take these measurements with TS524 disconnected from the PBX.


Meter Setting

Meter Reading on DSL side of T5

Meter Reading on PBX side of T5

V (AC)

About 40V

< 1V


About 28kHz (frequency of Zebra line power)

0 Hz (there should be no measureable level at 28kHz)

V (DC)


48V from PBX for powering the phone (only if PBX is connected)


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Thanks for the quick reply. So nomally the DSL and voice service will be on one pair? And what should the voltage reading be on that pair?

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Yes, the T5 uses proprietary line-power to provide power to the remote TW-5XX wallplates.  You need to use one of the T5 filters or a TW-5XX wallplate (it has a filter built in) between your butt set and the block.


552309-001-00    SPIDER FILTER (unterminated)
552689-001-00    SINGLE LINE FILTER (terminated)


Your other option is to disable line-power to the port that you are testing, but that of course will also shut down the TW-5XX wallplate in the room.