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Wireless Bridge - Very Poor Transfer Speeds

Wireless Bridge - Very Poor Transfer Speeds

New Contributor
I've set up a wireless bridge between two AP-7522 wireless access points, following the instructions I worked out here:

I have a laptop connected to the main AP, and I can transfer files to/from it at around 10MB/s.

However when I transfer files to/from a workstation connected behind the wireless bridge the best transfer rate I can get is around 110KB/s. There is also a big lag when opening up new TCP sessions of any kind, ssh, MS file sharing, VNC, etc.

The two wireless access points are right next to each other. The main access point has both antennas enabled, one set to the 2.4GHz range and the other to 5GHz.

Does anyone know what the problem might be? Should I be using something different than a wireless bridge? Maybe MeshConnex instead?

Extreme Employee
Hello Aaron,

2 things here, are you trying to set an AP up as a client bridge (example: connecting a LAN printer to an AP) or are you trying to establish a wireless bridge between 2 APs/locations (Meshconnex)?

If it's the latter, attached instructions should help.

IMPORTANT: if testing in the lab, make sure:
1 - The APs are a few feet apart
2 - The Radio power is reduced to 1 (increase before deploying)

I hope this helps
Christoph S.

Extreme Employee
Hi Aaron

Can you share running config and version of code for both devices?