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Wireless speed issue with iOS device

Wireless speed issue with iOS device

New Contributor

Hi all


My WLC firmware is 8.4

AP model : 7502(ac)


I got a big issue with iOS devices ,  When I speed test on iOS devices(Iphone 7,8,10) upload/download not over 10 mbps butt with Android speed around 70-80 mbps. 


Some of setting

all of APs in the same RF-domain and transmit power and channel setting mode SMART.

Turn on both 2.4 and 5 ghz

No client load balance


Thank for advice.


New Contributor

Hi Aroon,


we had a similar issue at one of our customers around two years back with iOS devices. The download speed was ok, but the upload speed was bad (compared to other devices). It turned out to be a driver incompatibilty between the APs (using AP8432, AP7532 and AP7522) and the iOS devices. 

Solution for us was to upgrade the firmware of the APs to, because there was a new broadcom driver included. So you might test to upgrade one of the APs to 5.9.2 (or higher) and see if it gets better.