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Optics for 9920 Network Visibility Platform

Optics for 9920 Network Visibility Platform

Extreme Employee

Here is a link to a list of optical transceivers and cables supported for the Extreme 9920 Network Visibility platform:

(Because the Extreme Optics Compatibility Matrix is organized by OS platform, the location of the 9920 list might not be obvious.)

Larry Kunz
Information Development
Extreme Networks


New Contributor
The expectation of greater and more flexible visibility into data on the
network is driving distributed data visibility requirements. Service Providers
need to have the value of a cloud native experience with the reliability of
carrier-grade platforms for their automation and visibility.

Cloud-native RapidFS
systems are designed to embrace rapid change at large scale with resiliency
built-in to produce value faster and focus on business objectives.

The bottlenecks to good WiFi speeds. For a gigabit service, 1Gbps is a theoretical maximum connection speed, even over a hardwired connection.


The Extreme 9000 series is ideally suited for modern 5G deployments both in the aggregation at the data center and for high-bandwidth data collection at the edge. The Extreme 9920 platform comes with a high-density chassis with 8 interface module slots, each interface module with up to 16x100G or 16x40G, total up to 128x100G or 128x40G ports. The 9920 supports up to 256 multispeed ports with either 25G or 10G speed, and aggregates and monitors up to 12.8 Tbps of total traffic.