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How to block PsiPhon application through EXOS...

How to block PsiPhon application through EXOS...

New Contributor III

Few of the students in our lab using PsiPhon Software to access the blocked sites.

Is there any possibility to block this PsiPhon application in EXOS? If possible please share the procedure.

We are using x430, x440-G2, x450-G2 switches in our Client side. Our Core Switch is BDX8.

Thanks in advance.

Extreme Employee
Hi Thavamani,

As far as i have checked, the APP which you are mentioning uses very common ports and mask the packets, so blocking the usage with port numbers may not be a handy option where you will also end up blocking the protocols which are commonly used in the network.

User views on the APP states that blocking this app traffic is possible via deep inspection of packets using a firewall.

More info is available in this discussion.

This is my View unless someone else have achieved blocking these traffic in any other way, lets wait and see.