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I want to do 802.1x. I have an Enterasys Switch, Windows Server 2012, Netsight and the NAC Appliance. I can not find a complete documentation that shows me the configuration of each device to be able to do the 802.1X. Appreciate the communities help...

abechir by New Contributor
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Recovery Password Router Brocade MLXe-4

Our Office had Router Brocade MLXe-4. i tried to change old password on Router Brocade MLXe-4. After i tried some command line used ssh, i am done changing old password on Router Brocade MLXe-4. but after i had changed, i cannot login on Router Broca...

udinfic by New Contributor
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Extreme Control Assessment Agent

I need to list all of the devices connected via the NAC assessment agent to a specific assessment server. I've checked the web interface, but no go. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

Moses64 by New Contributor
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Extreme Control always hits default catch-all rule

We have setup Extreme Control using both 802.1X authentication and MAC authentication. Everything is working fine, however our 802.1X authentications also hit the default catch-all rule on MAC authentication. This is to be expected, that's why we cre...