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After upgrading a system from EFA 2.x.x to EFA/XCO 3.x.x and then later attempting to update the token certificate, the process will fail as the "kustomization.yaml" file is missing from the directories:



It has been found that when upgrading from any EFA 2.x.x version to any EFA/XCO 3.x.x version, this file is incorrectly created in a nested folder:
causing the token certificate refresh to fail.

  • This does not cause any trouble with the EFA upgrade process or the existing certificates.  This issue is only encountered when the Token Certificate is attempted to be renewed.


After upgrading from EFA 2.x.x to EFA/XCO 3.x.x if the token certificate is renewed manually, it will result in EFA/XCO entering into a down state.

Products Affected

Systems running EFA 2.x.x upgraded to EFA/XCO 3.x.x

Software Affected

EFA/XCO Fabric Skill version 3.x.x


Please see the full field notice here for the work around steps, any future updates, and further details.