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VSP Operating System (VOSS) Release 8.3 Now Available 


We are pleased to announce general availability of the VOSS 8.3 release, which automates deployment of Fabric Connect, providing a common operational model from Data Center to Core to Campus Edge, with the option to expand it even to the Branch. This is enabled through significant Automation with Auto-sense port functions for Zero Touch Fabric, Fabric Attach, IP Phone detection and EAP/NEAP. The release also introduces Dynamic RADIUS ACLs, Fabric IPsec Gateway on the VSP 4900, along with several customer-requested features. 


Automation with Auto-sense port functions:  As the name suggests, this simplifies Fabric Connect deployment through implicit automation, significantly reducing network deployment times. Auto-sense functions include:

  • Zero Touch Fabric switches form a new Fabric automatically or automatically become part of an existing Fabric.
  • Zero Touch Fabric Attach – ports dynamically detect Fabric Attach (FA) capable devices such as EXOS and ERS switches, Access Points or third-party FA capable devices enabling automated service signaling directly from the FA device.
  • Zero-trust networking enabled by placing users and end-devices in an on-boarding service with access to DHCP, Network Access Control (NAC) and other management servers. Once users or end-devices are authenticated, the right service mapping, (i.e. VLAN, service ID and user policy (Dynamic RADIUS ACLs)) is applied through Network Access Control (NAC) using EAPoL or MAC-based authentication.
  • Zero Touch phone attachment Auto-sense ports can also detect whether they are connected to IP Phones or hosts with or without EAPoL (EAP/NEAP) and apply applicable configuration.


Benefit:  Reduces mean time to implementation of networks using Fabric Connect end-to-end.   


Fabric IPsec Gateway on VSP 4900:  Available on VSP 4900 models with Integrated Application Hosting support, this new feature aggregates Fabric Extend tunnels along with IPsec encryption, fragmentation and reassembly.  It can be used to securely connect to ExtremeAccess Platform 1400 Series (XA 1400) devices deployed in the branch, as well as to connect to other VSP 4900 or VSP 7400 switches. 


Benefit:  Delivers a small 10G core/aggregation/branch solution with multi-rate PoE and Fabric Extend tunnels, along with IPsec and fragmentation/reassembly. 


Hardware platforms supported with VOSS 8.3: 5520 Series, XA 1400*, VSP 4450, VSP 4900, VSP 7200, VSP 7400, VSP 8200 & VSP 8400