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VSP Edge Deployment Guide, without NAC 

11-12-2021 08:00

Abstract: This guide describes the steps needed to automate the deployment of a VSP switch running VSP Operating System Software (VOSS) 8.3 or later in customer environments where the use of Network Access Control (NAC) is not desired. The process uses a combination of automation features in VOSS Fabric Connect and in ExtremeCloud™ IQ - Site Engine onboarding.

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03-14-2022 16:09

Thanks for your reply. To be more precise, my test switch is a 5420F. My problem is not with VOSS but with EXOS ZTP+ discovery; nevertheless, it's quite the same origin: I used EXOS 31.6.1 which seems not to be managed by XIQ-SE I use. It's work fine with older 31.5.1.

For the rest, Fabric at edge sounds great, but I have many other questions in mind around typical edge functionnalities, especially in DVR setup:
  • what are best practice in terme of SLPP/SLPP guard/BPDU guard ?
  • what's for DHCP snooping ?
  • DVR Leaf can be sFlow exporter other than using mgmt VLAN ?

Best regards,


03-14-2022 12:44

Hi Rodjeur
It sounds like your switch is maybe running 8.6 and is a Universal Hardware model ? In which case it will no longer report itself as VOSS, but as Fabric Engine. And for that you need XIQ-SE 22.3 which is not yet available. If you use earlier XIQ-SE versions, they won't know anything about FabricEngine, and will just report the switch as "Extreme". My suggestion is to use 8.5 on Universal Hardware until XIQ-SE 22.3 is out. If you don't have a 5320 that is!
Best regards

03-14-2022 09:02

Hi Ludovico,

Testing the Fabric Edge deployment solution, I've tried to setup a lab using your document.
I'm facing a problem with the workflow "Change Persona to VOSS" in the way that after booting a switch in EXOS, ZTP+ device type discovered just mention "Extreme" and not the model as it occurs under VOSS.
So "Check the OS" task fail because device type is not detected, and added switch stays in EXOS version...



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