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 x460 VIM stack, can I use front ports are regular ports?

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Raul Zepeda posted 12-28-2021 09:27

x460 VIM stack, can I use front ports are regular ports?

The ExtremeXOS User Guide "Using Ethernet Ports for Stacking (SummitStack-V Feature)" section seems to say I can't use the Front Ports 51-52 as regular ports for a couple of PC's, but am not clear. I seem to be able to use them as regular ports sometimes, but am not sure if I am causing issues with stacking when I do. I'm a new guy, just trying to make a stable system.

Thanks for any help!

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Hi Raul,

What connections are you using for the stacking links, the VIMS or ports 51,52? x460s can be stacked in various ways.

Check 'show stacking-support' to see if the current stacking method is 'Native' or 'Alternate'.
If native, you're using the VIM ports for stacking and you can use ports 51,52 for normal data connections.
If alternate, you're using ports 51,52 for stacking which should go to ports 51,52 of other x460s to setup the stack.

For more info, see the hardware install guide as it has in depth details on stacking:


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Raul Zepeda
Thank you @Gabriel_G,

I am native and can confirm I am able to use client PCs on those ports. I'm keeping that link you gave me open to use a reference for the rest of the job.​​