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 Extreme switch 3803

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Lee Devine posted 01-07-2022 20:21
I am an instructor at a tech college in Southern Utah. Someone donated 2 3808 switch stack as they were replacing them. I am trying to putty into them and followed the instructions for a normal switch. The putty window opens but no matter what I do I cannot get to the command line. what am I doing wrong? I have tried everything I can think of and nothing is working.
Any suggestions would be helpful
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Sam Pirok
Hi Lee, I'm not super familiar with that switch model, but have you tried the steps in this guide?
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Kelvin Pereira
I had a similar problem, but I ended up finding out that the problem was with my serial cable.
The cable standard used must be exactly what is stated in the switch manual.
I had to cut my serial cable and make a splice following the pin specifications, but after that, I just connected and turned on the switch, and it went straight up in putty.

Hope this helped
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Lisa Nixon
Thank you so much to sharing amazing post.