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  • 1.  X435 vs 210 switches

    Posted 01-17-2022 09:55
    Hello all. I have some experience with EXOS switches and I like the CLI. I haven't used 210 series switches yet but I'm looking at them to replace some HP 1820/1920 series switches that lack CLI management. Very small business environment so no need for any advanced features.

    What's the feel in the community about these 210 series switches? Are they worth the price savings compared to X435 series with EXOS software in this use case? Are there any build quality and software issues like low end product lines targeted to SOHO/SMB segment sometimes have? Looks like they should be a step up from "smart managed" switches but I'd rather go up to X435 series if I save some time and headache. I haven't used Fastpath CLI so at least some learning is required but the reference guide has examples for basic configurations, so doesn't look too bad to get up and running.

  • 2.  RE: X435 vs 210 switches

    Posted 01-18-2022 01:36
    I have both (we bought the 210s before the 435 was released), the big killer for me is that the 210 hasn't had any software updates in nearly three years (last update was April 2019), while the X435 is running a nearly full EXOS (it's missing nodealias for some reason) and so should get decent support for a while. The Fastpath CLI is OK but I generally use the web interface on the 210s anyway. No build quality issues that I'm aware of.

  • 3.  RE: X435 vs 210 switches

    Posted 01-18-2022 06:31
    No updates for such a long time doesn't sound that good. Even if it doesn't have any major flaws one would think it would've received security updates.