ExtremeSwitching (EXOS/Switch Engine)

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  • Hi B, Are you referencing this in the user guide? ExtremeXOS® User Guide (extremenetworks.com) I see this article for ERPS ...

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    EAPS With CFM Example

    I looked in the XOS User Guide to get some idea of how to properly configure EAPS with CFM, but the section on "Configuring EAPS ...

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    RE: EAPS (Two Member?)

    I am with the others on here, I do not know why there would need to be more than 2 nodes in an EAPS ring, there is nothing in ...

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    RE: EAPS (Two Member?)

    Hey B, I don't see why a 2 switch ring wouldn't work on any version that generally supports EAPS. All of the real heavy ...

  • Hello, Could you check the 'show log' output for any 802.1x messages to see whether there are any failures or authentication ...