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VRRP-E Virtual IP addresss and short-path forwarding

Hi,   Is someone able to confirm the behaviour I’m seeing is correct. I have a 2 switch VCS, with VRRP-E and short-path forwarding configured. Virtual fabric gateway is not configured.  If I ssh to the VRRP virtual IP address I can land on either ...

HipG by New Contributor
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Resolved! SLX-OS: Copy confing to FTP

Hi team, I’m having trouble while trying to copy running config to the remote ftp server. I have two VRFs (mgmt and default), each configured with I’m able to ping the remote ftp server. SLX-OS: 17r.1.0 SC2-SLX9540-A29# copy running-c...

olegu by New Contributor
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Resolved! Replace VCS Principle Switch

Hi all,Pretty new to Brocade Switching.I’ve been given a project to replace both switches in a 2 switch VCS stack with higher capacity switches. The process to replace the non-principle switch looks pretty straight forward (although there are a coupl...

Russ by Contributor
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SLX EVPN NoNeg meaning

I am configureing an ip Fabric using SLX’s as Spines and VDX, SLX, QFX(Juniper), and 7280R(Arista) as the leafs. I am seeing something which i am unsure of, when i look at the EVPN neighbors i see something that only relates to the Junipers and Arist...

Exitium by New Contributor
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