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SLX9540 Logical Interfaces - show command?

Hi there, Does anybody know if there is a command to show the logical interfaces definied on the system? I know if i do show "bridge-domain X" then I can see the logical interfaces in use per bridge-domain. Also if I do "show run int e 0/x" then I c...

jdyson by New Contributor
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Resolved! SLX 9540 (Brocade) switch SPAN/Mirror configuration

Hi, Brocade (now extreme) SLX 9540 Switch SLX-OS Version: 18r.2.00a Currently I can only configure a SPAN or Mirror for a single interface as shown in the example below, but my question is how would one configure a Mirror for a single source interf...

SNMP Configuration

Hi Guys, I have the following SNMP configuration setup on one of our SLX 9640 routers: snmp-server contact OrbitalSupport snmp-server location TFM17-E6 snmp-server sys-descr "Extreme SLX9640 Switch/Router" snmp-server community $9$e4wdj9XLdDFLlZmMA...

ben645 by New Contributor
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SLX9640 LAG Config

Hi, I am currently trying to setup a LAG on our SLX9640's but struggling a little. My config for my brocade is below: lag "Netflix" dynamic id 1 ports ethernet 2/4 primary-port 2/4 lacp-timeout short deploy port-name "NetFlix PI" ethernet 2/4...

ben645 by New Contributor
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Renumbering a VCS Logical Chassis Cluster

I have an 8-switch VCS cluster (6740x2, 6710x6, NOS 4.1, Logical Chassis, no vcs virtual ip set) which needs renumbering onto a new management network (resulting from merger and reorganization). What are the implications for doing this while the dev...

dvc by New Contributor
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