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Resolved! BOMUnsupported platform to run DHCP server.

Hi all, Been seeing the below log entry but not obvious how to disable DHCP. I’ve looked at the CLI reference but like I mentioned nothing obvious. If someone could let me know how to do this I’d appreciate it. raslogd: [log@1588 value="RASLOG"][tim...

Russ by Contributor
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System high temperature but low fan speed

Dear All,   We have 2x Extreme VDX 6740T are installed in same cabinet rack unit 37 (sw01) and rack unit 35 (sw02).  But the temperature sensors and fan sensors value are extremely different.  Do the switch have a fan speed control function to cont...

Resolved! Firmware Update process

Hi, I’m upgrading some VDX6740’s soon, and this will be the first time upgrading Brocade for me and I would like to clarify some confusion I’ve got from the documentation. The release notes and the upgrade guide talks about running the firmware dow...

Russ by Contributor
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Checking RIB and FIB on Brocade 2024?

Hello, can anyone confirm the correct way to check the RIB and FIB on Brocade 2024? Wanting to ensure i’m not over recommended capacity, chasing memory problems….   Is it: RIB - show ip route FIB - show ip BGP   ?

matty by New Contributor
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Resolved! SLX 20.1.1: Note SLXOS-37594

Hello,I am trying to understand the issue SLXOS-37594 for our SLX setup. The GT-article, this issue has been fixed in SLX-OS 20.1.1 but in the release notes for 20.1.1 or 20.1.2a  I am...

joergkost by Contributor II
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