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Resolved! Boot prom Password recovery.

Good Morning, I have VDX6740 switch with boot prom password set. Can someone help me with recovery ? My recovery string is : ueqzzhan/Oncv7suqWKT7Q==Please and Thank You.

Gtek by New Contributor
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Resolved! SNMP VDZ6740T

HelloI am getting crazy configuring SNMP on VDX6740T, it does not seem to have 161 port open on management interface.This is the configuration I made: ip access-list standard nostra-mgmtseq 10 permit A.B.C.24 11 permit A.B.C.25

ricchieri by New Contributor
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Resolved! Boot prom Password recovery

Afternoon, Can anyone help with a boot prom passwords?  Somehow I've managed to lock myself out of two switches! I have the recovery strings if anyone can decifer? .FbJ7oo1jtnftup.5mjIyA==UTtcM/0jNe6BLC6xjUdasQ== Any help will be greatly appreciated!...

Marc7 by New Contributor II
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VDX 6720 factory reset

Afternoon all,Having an issue with factory resetting a VDX we have here.  Follwed all the usual steps and I receive this error message when running the configDefault command:configDefaultExecuting configdefault...Please waitconfigDefault: Error reset...

Marc7 by New Contributor II
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Resolved! VDX command clarification - fabric trunk/fabric isl enable

Dear All,Sorry for the basic question. I am wondering what is the meaning when you have interface, which has option 1: fabric isl enable fabric trunk enable  Option 2:fabric isl enableno fabric trunk enable.   What would be the difference between bot...

nabromov by New Contributor
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