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how to restart a port of B5 series switch (power down and restart)

how to restart a port of B5 series switch (power down and restart)

New Contributor III
I need to reset (remove voltage and restart) one particular port whitch is connected a network clock.
This clock is in crash and I cannot go on site to disconnect the cable


New Contributor II

As Anton said you remove the voltage with ...inlinpower.
But set port disable is also an Option to disable the network traffic.

Therefore: set port disable ge.x.y
set port inlinpower ge.x.y admin off

I prefer to wait at least one Minute and then restart the power and traffic:
set port inlinpower ge.x.y admin auto
set port enable ge.x.y

Why this?
i had an issue with a Controller. I tried several things. Then forgot to enable the port because of interruption. Then if i concentrated on the issue again, enabling the port, the Controller woke up.
May be you have a similar Situation.

Greetings from Nuremberg.

Extreme Employee
If the clock has a static IP, the unstable state may have returned the device to factory default or is in a dead state. IF IP is dynamic, please verify DHCP server sees request and has an entry in its database.

Honored Contributor
If the clock get's the IP via DHCP check whether there is a renew of the lease.
If the clock has a static IP it could be that the device lost the config.

New Contributor III
Ok I followed your advice and infact now I see the mac of the clock connected to this port but when I ping the ip I do not receive any feedback