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X440 and Netsight Nac The session is no longer active due to: Admin-Reset.

X440 and Netsight Nac The session is no longer active due to: Admin-Reset.

New Contributor II
Hello all

i have the following Problem with one Device in our Network
It is an CAB Label Printer connected on an X440 with Netsight
After 10 Minutes the following message is in the Netsight Nac manager

The session is no longer active due to: Admin-Reset.

If the message appear in the NAC the Device is no longer reachable
only Force Reauth and Power off the Device brings it back

Is anbody here that have an idea was it is



New Contributor III

Any news about that specific issue? It seems i ran into the exact same issue with firmware version After disabling radius-accounting, i did not have the issue described...


Hi Philipp,

i would not use 30.1 for productive environmemts - wait 2 months for 30.2.

i would suggest 22.6 Patch 1-1 and if the issue is reproduceable - open a GTAC Case that Extreme Engineering can fix this issue.


Contributor III
Current state of the issue is:

It occurs if RADIUS Accouting AND dynamic Session-ReAuth (provide by RADIUS Session-Timout Value) run simultaniously. Disable one of both, the problem disappears.

I hope we can find the root cause because both feature needed.


Contributor III
Fighting with the same problem:

Windows 7 / 802.1x / X440-G2 EXOS V21.1.3.7-Patch1-4 with Extreme Control V7.1.1.9

05/05/2017 08:24:17.07 Slot-1: The authentication state of Network Login user host/YLQP019998.XXX.xx was cleared by policy due to Admin Reset, Mac 90:1B:0E:2E:35:5C port 2:26 VLAN(s) "" Protocol(s) "802.1x"

What is reason "Admin Reset" - either Re-Auth Button in NAC was pressed nor clear netlogin session per CLI was used. It happens randomly!

How is it possible to get EAPoL Counters regarding this port to verify if EAPoL Logoff Messages was sent from Client ?