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Resolved! PPSK on success page

Hello community,I´ve build a customized CWP and imports the HTML files. But now the PPSK is not provided on the success page (success.html). What do I have to add to the success.html so that the PPSK is displayed again.Thanks in advance.

AP305C LED flashing blue

Hello community,I can´t find information about the reason why the LED of some of our AP305C APs are flashing blue. There are no alerts in XIQ (except some high interference alerts). Can someone explain me the meaning of this behavior?Thanks in advanc...

Resolved! How to block a single MAC Address

Hi,I work in a school that has Pre-K all the way through to 12th grade. We have been experiencing issues, where people will get bumped off the wifi, or they will connect but not get an IP address.  Also, the normally green cloud next to the AP, goes ...

systemscsn by Valued Contributor
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Resolved! Hard to come back to DFS channel

I have an AP122 allowed to work on DFS channels. Usually AP selects channel 136 because it is the only one transmitting on that channel (0 interferences from other APs nearby). However, after detecting radar signals AP does not come back to that DF...

sergi_dupe by New Contributor III
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Better Interface Utilization Monitoring

The graphical Monitoring → Wireless Interfaces information is nice, but nearly useless for troubleshooting since it appears to only look at 1 hour snapshots.  I know that I can ssh into the AP and “sh int” to see live data… but I’m curious if anyone ...

tandrews1 by New Contributor
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