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MAC to IP resolution approach for static addresses

I see three options:Use the MAC to IP Mapping listFor us this is not maintainable and we don’t have a source with MACtoIP informations which would allow some automated imports. IP Discovery on Network Access SwitchI think Control uses the nodealias M...

Dan15 by Contributor
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Agent based Assessment

Hi, i have a question to agentbased Assessment.Is the agentbased assessment a legacy method of doing assessment?So if somebody want to introduce assessment on the network, does it make sense to start with agentbased assessment or what are the plans o...

RonnyE by New Contributor
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Resolved! Naming FA created VLANs

Hello,Is it possible to somehow choose the name of VLANs that are dynmically assigned by Control? I am using FA and control to assign the VLANs and the VLAN will always be named SYS_VLAN_Number. If I am using different VLANs for voice per stack, I wo...

Jay2009 by New Contributor
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EXOS | Extreme Control dynamic vlan assignment

Hi Hub Community, We’re using the Extreme Control Policy (NAC) in one of our customers in the health care system to implement some security checks, regarding the devices that can connect to our network. In resume, in our EXOS stacks we have all the p...

csantos by New Contributor III
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