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End-System reason 'End-System Session Detected'?

Hi,Have recently migrated a mobile providers APN device over to Extremecontrol. In the example below the third line down is a legitimate authentication requested from a mobile device, and these use PAP to authenticate.  The question is in relation to...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Resolved! end point printers losing ip address in xmc

on Extreme 460 G2 having an issue with a stack.  End point user reports that printers lose IP’s addresses.  This morning was testing and disable netlogin for dot1x and mac took the port of XMC and printer works fine and is now pulling an ip address. ...

harleyguy by New Contributor
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B5 - show multi-auth session - odd "last attempt"

Here are two multiauth session of a B5 (6.81.10) - Mac Auth (all working well)Does does “Last attemp” wants to tell us ?? Today - Wed 10th March 2021Port | ge.4.25 Station address | 00-10-7F-C2-21-CFAuth status | success ...

M_Nees by Contributor III
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Policy Bug? Case dependent vlan names

I just ran across this issue today.  We are running XOS and XMC moved a switch from one policy domain to another and tried to Enforce but got an error.  The issue ended up being a case difference in VLAN names.On the switch, vlan ...

Resolved! MAC Authentication

Hello, Am looking into enabling NAC on our network and unfortunately, I have to use MAC AUTH for some end devices that don’t support 802.1X. OF course, using MAC AUTH is nothing but a deterrent as it’s very easy to spoof MACs…  However, I find when I...

Chad5 by Contributor
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