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Extreme control no hostname showing

I have a setup where a wired connection needs to be authenticated with 802.1x (EAP-PEAP) using the hostname of the pc with control in XIQ-SE.Hostnames are in LDAP and can be resolved when I do internal tests.When I try to login with the pc the hostna...

NAC Pushing Radius Config

I've installed Extreme Control and manually configure my Radius settings on the switch.  I've found once I add the switch to NAC (but don't enforce) the engine pushes out a new Radius config to my VOSS switch.  I don't have a problem with this BUT it...

tpfannes by New Contributor
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Landing page to Captive Portal on ExtremeControl

Hi All, Does anybody know how to improve de landing page in Captive Portal installed in the ExtremeControl?I know where I can change messages strings, colors, text and such under Control > Access Control > Configuration > Captive Portals > Select the...

Edsond by New Contributor II
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Resolved! Application Telemetry on ERS 4900's and VOSS

I have XIQ Site Engine, version: ERS 4900's running, and VOSS running few questions:1. When I add devices, do I want/need both sflow and application telemetry or just application telemetry?2. I have added some 4900's, ...

XTRMUser by New Contributor III
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Phones, NAC and VLAN assignment (data & voice untagged?)

Hello,Working on NAC, phones and PCs are daisy-chained.With static configuration (LLDP/voice-vlan), phone traffic is usually tagged on voice vlan/i-sid.With NAC, both data and voice traffic is untagged and MHMV (multi-host multi-vlan) seems to kick i...

jeronimo by Contributor II
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