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Resolved! EAC - grouping rules

Hi team,For SSID auth I use "member of" to asing VLAN, so for the same SSID a have several rules, one each AD group.I dont like much because this full the screen with a lot of rules for the same SSID. I wolud like to have only one rule for each SSID,...

EF by Contributor II
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Resolved! Extreme Control TLS Alert

Hello,Rather than wasting time troubleshooting the below error I wondered if the Extreme Control Engine will reject older encryption protocols such as SSL V3.0?Old Windows XP with 802.1x PEAP:Event:eap_peap: TLS Alert write:fatal:handshake failure ea...

RobertD1 by Contributor
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Resolved! Can't send untagged VLAN using FA-VLAN-ISID from NAC

I am moving from using LLDP to send a voice VLAN, to using ExtremeControl to do the same, with Fabric Attach on an EXOS switch. This means sending the VLAN untagged instead of tagged, with FA-VLAN-ISID set to 0:10010100 (where 10010100 is my Voice I-...

James_A_0-1680672220647.png James_A_1-1680672611388.png
James_A by Valued Contributor
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Resolved! Role -> Default Action -> Deny Traffic don't work

Hello community,first of all, I have searched the community and the internet and have not found anyone who has had similar problems.I describe briefly. In the test setup we have a Windows client. This is recognized by MAC address and assigned to a ro...

DeoHeo by New Contributor III
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