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Delete End Systems from a specified Switch Port automatically

Delete End Systems from a specified Switch Port automatically

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Hey there,

we are using Extreme Control (Site Engine) to authenticate wired and wireless clients (WiFi with Campus Controller). We have a wireless guest network with a large amount of end systems. We don´t need these end systems in NAC. The end systems has the name of the SSID as switch port. Is there a way to delete the end systems at a specified switch port periodically?

I found a workflow in github (GDPR-Delete_End-System), but it´s based on MAC adresses. Should it be possible to create a workflow based on switch port? Or is there another possibility for our request?

Thanks in advance for your ideas and answers.

Best regards, Ralf


Valued Contributor

There's the overall end-system retention times

The other option would be to use the NBI (Northbound Interface) API and use accessControl{allEndSystemMacs} or accessControl{allEndSystemMacs} and accessControl{endSystemByMac} to go through all the end-systems, pull out the those on the Guest SSID and then feed the MAC addresses to accessControlMutations{deleteEndSystemByMac} has some practical information on using the NBI, it's based on GraphQL