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How to configure NAC so I can use PXI and SCCM

How to configure NAC so I can use PXI and SCCM

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When I have to image a PC we use SCCM. our network is configured for authentication 802.1.x and MAC.


How can I indentify a PC when PXI is used to connect to th SCCM server to access the image?

Johan Hendrik System Architect Audax

Extreme Employee

Not sure if this is the right advice per sey but XMC / XIQ-SE Connect feature includes a SCCM module to interface with SCCM. I imagine it pulls data from SCCM for use then with Control. Link to the guide is below.

For any additional assistance with configuring Connect SCCM or this integration please consider opening a GTAC support case.

Extreme Employee


I think we were able to get a solution for this by identifying the PXE boot system based on operating system on boot. 

It is PXE boot that you're referring to right? A network OS that loads an image from a central server?

Correct, It is about the PXE boot to load an image from a central server.

Johan Hendrik System Architect Audax


When the end system boots up into the PXE sub-system it should use a different DHCP fingerprint that should be reflected in Control. 

Do you see Control show the device family/device type accordingly?

You can create a rule that matches the device family/type that can provide a different level of access when we identify the system in this state. 

We may need to customize the fingerprints.