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800 Series VLAN console configuration problems

800 Series VLAN console configuration problems

New Contributor
I am trying to add ports to a VLAN via the command line but the results are not what I was expecting.

When I type the string, using the console's "Next possible completions:" suggestions

"configure vlan "XXX" add tagged port 1"

it returns only

"Next possible completions:

So I try "configure vlan "XXX" add tagged port 1:1" as well as "... ports 1:1" and get the same return!

On other ExtremeOS switches I use the string "configure vlan "XXX" add ports Y:Y tagged" and that does the trick!

What am I missing, here?

Extreme Employee
Hi Ben,

As has been said the cli is a little different on the 800 series but its not too different.

To answer the original question, the format of your command would have to be as follows:

"configure vlan "XXX" add tagged 1"

.. the difference being that you don't use the keyword "port"

Hope this helps if you decide to persist with the cli.

New Contributor
Welp! That answers my questions. Methinks I read some datasheets wrong! To the web console I go!

Honored Contributor
The 800 series has a complete different CLI commands then the other switches.

From experience I strongly recommend to use the GUI to configure the switch.

Then you'd connect to the CLI to see the changes int the config.
If you've more then one with a similar config just copy the config and edit it in notepad to use it on the next one.

Here a step by step guide - the GVRP setting is very important or the untagged port will not work...


New Contributor III
The 800 series switches don't use Enterasys or Extreme OS. Many times I just end up using web interface on the 800s because I don't remember the commands. Don't forget to save the config.