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MSM B does not synchonize with MSM A

Hello, We have a BD8806 with two MSM-48c slots. but Backup slot B is not syncing with slot A, I checked Memory usage and only 4% is used! Omurga_SW02.18 # show slot Slots Type Configured State Ports Flags -----...

Which type of optics combatible A2 switches

Hi, Could you please confirm that the 1000BASE-LX SFP - 10052H optics are compatible with the A2 switch. I have checked the datasheet, It says in the A" Secure Stack switces are two mini-GBIC ports. So, can I plug SFP module to an A2 switch? Thanks...

Securestack A2 management connectivity losses

We have various Securestack A2 with firmware version, last month (no changes in network) we are facing management conectivity losses (users had good connectivity), we see no causes for this problem, do any one know if there's some sort ...