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A4 firmware

I noticed multiple versions of most recent A4 firmware are missing from the new download site. I can still find them on the old site.

ospf stuck in exstart state

I have a S8 Enterasys where I lost my OSPF neighbors with our Border router. When I do a sh ip ospf neighbors, it shows it in a ex-state. I have clear the process, taken it out and re-enter, but still on ex-state. I can ping the border router but ca...

SSA t1068-0652 vlan egress problem

i have create vlan 7 i have create a vlan interface, when im trying to access my vlan in port i got no connection just when i set the port to vlan 1 then can i ping the vlan 1 interface. set vlan egress 7 ge.1.2 untagged