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HostDoS[8] Attack ( arpNd ) detected on vlan

I have enterasys S8 switch and found following log on the switch. we have found many no of SA mac addressees in the logs. HostDoS[8] Attack ( arpNd ) detected on vlan.0.6 [ InPort(ge.8.27) LEN(64) DA(FF:FF:FF:FF:FF:FF) SA(00:1C:C4:54:EC:25) ETYPE(...

i series rstp configuration

please help, we are very new to EOS and we need to configure the EOS switch using RSTP since we will use the switch in a ring network. can someone share sample configuration of RSTP in EOS? many thanks

Marlon by New Contributor III
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RMA Return Invoice Emails

To our Valued Customers & Partners: Earlier today, you may have received one or more emails from the Extreme Networks AHR Program regarding RMA product invoices. These emails were sent in error and may be disregarded. If you have any questions, pl...

Drew_C by Valued Contributor III
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