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Resolved! How to do a Virtual Chassis with x460

Hi, i'm a starter with this brand and I can't seem to find this information: I have to make a network with a double star topography, there are two x460 switches that make the CORE and they need to have the virtual chassis functionality so they wor...

Auto-edge vs ezspantree

So I had a problem where a 5x X440-G2 stack with 75 iMacs on it would drop packets when the iMacs booted up, some investigation pointed the finger at spanning-tree, once I configured the ports with link-type edge the problem went away. My question no...

James_A by Valued Contributor
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Resolved! autoexec.xsf

Hello, what parameters should i put in the .xsf auto execution script so that the initial configuration can be retrieved. for instance i have all the basic connectivity already in place and someone accidentally uses unconfig switch all, and reboots...

Arjumand by New Contributor
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