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Port mirror with complex filter

Have a common SMB deployment (300 users) where the firewall is at the "core" of the network, meaning that's the DFGW for LAN users, not a layer 3 VIP on the switched core. I need to mirror North/South traffic (LAN to INTERNET and vice versa) so I don...

Eric_Burke by New Contributor III
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BootROM version updation

We have X440 switch and their firmware version:15.0 so during upgradation of firmware to direct 21.0 what would be effect? a) does license will still remain or we have to install again? b) does BOOTROM upgradation required for upgradation of firmware...

MLAG vs Stack what am i missing

Can't seem to wrap my head around the reason for using MLAG vs Stacking, I'm planning to use 2 x670's as a 10gigabit aggregation hub for our remote sites, but i want redundancy, so the idea was run 1 fiber to each of the x670's and run mlag so if 1 x...

X870 Latency

Hi guys! Anyone knows whats the average latency of X870 switch? We don't have this information at the datasheet like other products... Thanks in advance!

Alex17 by New Contributor II
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