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IPv6 BGP network advertisement

Hi Experts Getting error while trying to advertise IPv6 routes in BGP peering. IPv4 works fine, but getting error in IPv6. The below network is preset in IPv6 routing table and shows as being directly connected. (vr Test) SwitchA # configure b...

MPLS Kernel error

VPLS VPN not working. After disabling see errorMPLS gport resolve failed for unit = 0 vpn = 0x70e3, port = 0xffffffff vp = 0x18000a0c, rv = -7 (Entry not found)08/30/2016 11:37:25.99extreme_mpls_del_vp_nh_xref: MPLS ECMP NH vp : 0xa0c l3intf = 0x83f ...