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IPv6 address on VLAN error

Getting error while trying to assign IPv6 interface to a vlan. IPv6 forwarding is already enabled on the VLAN, along with port tagging. Getting error as below:- %% Invalid input detected at '^' marker. %% A number within the range of 1-4094 is expe...

Packet drop

Hello, all! Have below scheme: When generate 3,2 Gbps AppMix traffic - all work fine. When generate 2Gbps of HTTP traffic - all work fine. When increase throughtput of HTTP traffic to 2,2Gbps - packets drops appear on LAG. But ports utilization a...

d7c8248ec9b646d788a2191852229a69_RackMultipart20161028-5682-56cz4u-Scheme_inline.jpg d7c8248ec9b646d788a2191852229a69_RackMultipart20161028-35812-ouj1jo-Drops_inline.jpg d7c8248ec9b646d788a2191852229a69_RackMultipart20161028-123961-17axcgm-Utilization_inline.jpg d7c8248ec9b646d788a2191852229a69_RackMultipart20161028-113960-14l2d47-Packets_inline.jpg
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