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MGMT port connection

Create Date: May 16 2012 9:02PM Hi I am from Sydney and configuring Black Dimond 8800 modular switch. I have configure vlan Mgmt with management ip address. I am successfully able to connect my laptop to the mgmt port using ethernet cable. ...

RSTP configuration example

Create Date: Jun 15 2012 8:28AM Hi all, I am trying to configura RSTP to interwork with other switch, but I cannot add port to the stpd (which set mode dot1w). Extreme OS just allow to add vlan, but in RSTP, Vlan donot have any meaning? Ca...

Vlan configuration

Create Date: May 15 2012 10:26AM Hi there, My name is Fausto and i am talking from Brazil,and i have some questions. I have a scenario with one Extreme layer 3 switch and two extreme layer 2 switches.They are connected as following:(l3 and...

VLAN Trunk config

Create Date: May 16 2012 8:56PM Hi I am from Sydney, trying to configure black dimond 8800 series modular switch. I have to create trunk between Switch and Juniper firewall. Here is config I am putting on switch configure vlan SCTP_INT...