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What tftp application do you recommend?

What tftp application do you recommend?

New Contributor

Hi all


I am new to EXOS and I just setup a new X430. I wanted to upgrade the firmware and in order to do so I need to setup a tftp server on my machine. I followed the instructions on


When I enter the download page I get Google Safe Browsing warnings. I checked the file on Virustotal and they are several hits.


I am not sure in it is only because this software is Riskware or an actual malware.


How ever I am not confident to use this software.


Is there an alternative you can recommend or is there even a better way to upgrade the firmware?


Kind Regards


New Contributor III

There is a “free” on available from SolarWinds that I have used for the past few years and have been very happy with. They do make you give your contact info to download, but I have not found them to pesty and I am half interested in their products so am not bothered to get an email from them now and then… I’m sure I could unsubscribe. SolarWinds is a legit company so I feel comfortable using the software. You can find it here if you want to check it out: