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X440-G2 Batch OS Upgrade

X440-G2 Batch OS Upgrade

New Contributor

Hi all! I am new to networking in general. I just wanna ask if there is any way to upgrade the EXOS switch in bulk? Thanks in advance.


Extreme Employee

XIQ-SE (formerly known as XMC) is a standalone management platform that can work without cloudIq and can do bulk upgrades.

Extreme Employee

Yes. You can do it with Extreme's management system called Extreme CloudIQ Site Engine, or XIQ-SE in short.

You can also create a script in any languange which suits you. Script will connect to each and every switch and issue proper commands. Basically XIQ-SE does that.

You can use cloud based management CloudIQ ( - but it depends on what switches do you have. Not all switches are supported in cloud UI: 

I see. So if you don't have access to cloudiq, the only option is 1 by 1 upgrade. Thank you Sir!