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Problem with stack between X250 - X440

Problem with stack between X250 - X440

New Contributor II
Hello people,
I have two switches in stack.
The switches are X250e-24t and X440-48p.
The version is
This stack has two ports in trunk configured in sharing to the switch core.
The spanning tree is not configured in this network.
One week ago I had a problem because there were a l2 loop.
I think it was a stack problem, causing the misconfiguration of the two ports in sharing and lease two trunk actived.
What do you think?
Are there problems if I do a stack with two platform different?
If I upgrade the version, Can I resolve this problem?
Thank you.


New Contributor II
Hi Drew,
I have upgraded the version and until now the problem is not appeared.
Thank you.

Valued Contributor III
Hi Leonardo,
Were you able to resolve this issue, or do you still need assistance?

Honored Contributor
could you share the output of "show stacking"

Extreme Employee

Adding to my colleagues suggestion (Karthik). Also, look for the stacking port Rx errors & Tx errors are getting incremented:-
  • show ports stack-ports rxerrors no-refresh
  • show ports stack-ports txerrors no-refresh


In case, if the Rx errors are getting incremented. Check stacking cables for good connections, firmly connected with the screws tightened.
If you have a spare stacking cable. Try swapping them with the spare one and monitor the stacking ports Rxerrors