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Sponsored Guest Access Role Change After NAC Registration

Sponsored Guest Access Role Change After NAC Registration

New Contributor II
I have been working to setup Sponsored Guest Access in our lab environment. So far I have been able to get it to display the registration page where the user can select the sponsor's email from a dropdown list. Once they click register, an email gets sent to the sponsor who can then approve the request.

When the user first connects, they are given the 'Unregistered' role that is applied on the Extreme wireless controller. Once the sponsor approves their registration, they are then moved to the 'Registered' group in NAC and their MAC address shows in the appropriate group. This should send the 'Guest Access' role to the wireless controller. They don't however get their role updated on the wireless controller.

If I disassociate the user from the wireless controller and then reconnect, the user does connect with the 'Guest Access' role. What do I need to do to get the wireless controller to update the role immediately?

Extreme Employee
Hello Ty,

Check this article out:

It should help with the time drift that's most likely causing the issue.


Extreme Employee
Sync the time on all components. It should fix the issue.
Regards Zdeněk Pala

New Contributor II
I just found this post here:

I will take a look to see if that solves my problem.