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Extreme Wireless - V10.41 - Remote Shell - Limitations

Extreme Wireless - V10.41 - Remote Shell - Limitations

Contributor III
Because i support several bigger Identify WLAN environments for customers i love the new V10.41 feature of having a quick "remote shell" to an AP for a deeper analyses!

But in real life usage there are several limitation that reduce the advantage this feature dramatically:

+ There is no copy and paste
+ no logging option (compare to a putty client)
+ no resizing of the screen possible if you need more space (means more columns)
(try several browsers - open a GTAC case - this is now a FR  )
+ Only AP38xx and AP39xx are supported - AP37xx are not included
(not clear why AP37xx are not offering this)

i hope there happens some improvements in the near future to make this feature more powerful in our daily business real life usage.


Valued Contributor III
Like James said the live view via SSH is quicker while debugging and like Matthias said if the CLI is not needed why do we have the CLI via Web as feature in the new release ?

Best regards
Regards Stephan

Contributor III
Yeah, I have the log collection enabled, which is great for historical analysis, but when I'm in the guts of debugging a problem using the shell is much quicker than downloading a trace and unzipping it all the time. So s/get/view/ the AP logs in the gui is what I meant.

Honored Contributor
Or use the AP log mgmt to upload all AP logs 1,2,4 or 6x per day to local or remote....


Extreme Employee

Run your test then generate your log from the GUI, trace bundle includes the ap.log

Doug Hyde
Director, Technical Support / Extreme Networks