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Resolved! latest firmware for ap230 and ap330

I got some used ap230 and ap330 from a friend. their firmware’s version is different, it seem they can’t be creating a hive network.would @Sam Pirok be kindly to send me the latest firmware for ap230 and ap330?thanks in advanced.

Resolved! Unconfigured Devices AP630

hiI set all parameters for my new Ap630  (PEYRUIS-WL-01) and she’s still on the “Unconfigured Devices” when I try to push a config, I get the “abort” and the following message, someboday can help me ?thanks​​​ 

e7ff90f11850418f9e09c72aff9a7cfa_4f643bca-9807-4dec-8217-637b22e1a71e.png e7ff90f11850418f9e09c72aff9a7cfa_f341553f-70b8-4e0e-84a8-26ce9963f1b3.png
regisqc by New Contributor
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Resolved! Factory reset AP410C

Hi,Due to a configuration error since ExtremeCloud IQ my AP410C no longer communicates.How do I restore the factory configuration ?I tried to press the button for 10s but it gives nothing  Nicolas

Kermit67 by New Contributor II
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Resolved! Second Hand AP122s

Hello Folks,I’ve picked up a couple second hand AP122s and I was able to reset/re-configure one of them with the serial connection and CLI. But it seems the previous owner of the second one didn’t do any kind of “factory reset” on it before disposal ...

BlL7zxoT by New Contributor
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