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How to replace Priority of Vlan?

I have an untagged Port sending frames with Priority Value 0 to the receiver. I want that Priority value 7 is received. That is when the untagged Port sends the frames with Pri 0 the tagged port receives them and replaces the Pri with 7.

EC Switch issue:

EC Switch issue: Console is not responding for the EC Switch. Its showing session full. Also we have disabled the http web access. That means we could not able to reach the Management for that particular switch. Pls suggest me to resolve this issue?


How do i find if the buffer is being filled that is are the packets being dropped after the buffer is full or not?

Can a switch generate PFC Pause?

I want my EXOS 670 switch to generate pause frames when it receives certain traffic or when its buffer is full. currently when i send the traffic from both ends it passes by without dropping. All packets sent are received. How to make one end stop se...