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HTTP(s) server listening in all VRs once enabled

Hello,We use several public routing instances (VRs) on our L3 switches.The http(s) server is enabled in order to be able to monitor the switch, as some things like transceiver power are not available using SNMP.Now it looks like all that I can do is ...

jeronimo by Contributor III
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Per-packet authentication or other 802.1X surroundings for paranoids

Hello, I’ve been recently thinking about the fact 802.1X is extremely cool for authentication, but alone it’s prone to MitM when authenticated MAC address is spoofed between the supplicant device and the switch port. Having physical (cabling, server ...

Tomasz by Valued Contributor II
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Resolved! ARP Validation with dynamically assigned VLANs

Hello Community,I was wondering about the appropriate way to configure ARP Validation in an Extreme Access Control Environment with dynamically assigned VLANs.From what I have found so far, you have to configure ARP Validation per vlan and port. This...

OpenSSL vunerability Question

Hello allIn March 2021 the National Vulnerability Database (NVD) published 2 vulnerability's with effects OpenSSL 1.1.1this is the published information:Openssl will release new update on 2021/03/25, it will fix two "High" severity issues. These issu...