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MAC Access Lists

I have an rfs4000 controller and would like to allow certain devices to connect a WLAN and access the internet.  i am configuring the rules like this  The device is joining the WLAN but it wont have internet access. Can I please have help on how to c...

Jerry85 by New Contributor
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Extreme Control Appliance as accounting proxy for sso

Hello, is it possible to use control appliance/engine as accounting proxy for sso on firewalls? situation: Control appliance/engine is set as radius & accounting server. We like to forward accounting information to firewall for using SSO and authen...

PeterK by Contributor III
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SolarWinds Security Breach

In response to the SolarWinds security breach, our Senior Director of Information Security, Philip Swain, has released the following statement: “Extreme Networks has conducted a thorough review of our systems in light of the information about the Sol...

SamPirok by Community Manager
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Create a Rule that Uses Existing Roles as Criteria

Our machines currently use machine authentication to get a role when a user is not logged in, and user authentication when a user logs in to get a role. Is it possible to make the machine authentication role a prerequisite for the user authentication...

NAC mixed auth UPN+samAccountName

Running 802.1x on our wired network to authenticate domain computers and domain users to the network. This runs fine in most cases, but some users are reporting issues where Windows will accept the login, but 802.1x (the network login part of the log...

MichelB by New Contributor
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