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heartbleed OpenSSL vulnerability

Does anyone have any information on whether or not and which Enterasys or Extreme products are affected by this vulnerability?

Andy_M by New Contributor
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802.1x and Single Sign-on

We have a number of laptops that are mobile labs (Tanks) and in the library for students to check out. We push the 802.1x settings via AD and it works very well. The problem we have run into is that when we have login set to 'user or computer' and c...

SIEM Dragon 7.7.2 Patch 2 Offenses and Reports

I have my server logs SIEM dragon set up as follows: 1. I have multiple devices configured to send logs to my server logs (SIEM Dragon); Log Sources from different customers. 2. I created a group for each customer (Log Source Groups) and I have g...

07e5ab2e63b444b3bb8dd1f143b63932_RackMultipart20140331-11514-zx2v2o-logSources_inline.jpg 07e5ab2e63b444b3bb8dd1f143b63932_RackMultipart20140331-1256-1j4zdrj-LogSourceGroups_inline.jpg
cos by New Contributor
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802.1x Authentication over IPsec tunnel fails

Added some new offices and have deployed a C5 stack with 4 wireless APs (3715's). Using existing VNS configuration which still currently work at the main building, this new building can't connect to a specific SSID which is using 802.1x. We have an...

802.1x Issues between B5 and NAC

First of all is anyone using wired 802.1x Authentication successfully with NAC? My goal is to have 802.1x be my first auth choice and Mac auth second and then use AD to push 802.1x settings to machines that are members of the domain. All other mach...