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 AP650(AH) or is it AP650(WING)?

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systemscsn posted 05-09-2022 14:32

im in the process of adding a couple of new Device Templates, as well as radio profiles.    Ive noticed that in one place it lists the AP650 with (AH) at the end, but in another place it lists it as AP650 (WING).....

in Device Templates i see what i normally see AP650(AH), but if you go into your network policy, click on Device Template and + to add it, it lists the AP650 as AP650(WING).  But in either place, i dont see the other, so if im in the network policy on the device template section, i dont see AP650(AH), and visa versa.

A bit confusing.  So... Why as (WING) shown up.... i know it wasnt there before, but (AH) was, as that was the original one id selected (and still have... maybe thats why, i already have it assigned to a network policy)....

Its just odd.

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Patrick Coughlin

Hello J,

The XIQ (AH) and WING are two seperate firmware OS that we have for the AP650.  If you have been using the AH version, continue using that. The AP650(WING) was added as an option for those operating in WING mode.


Patrick C

Extreme Networks
Associate Technical Support Engineer

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heres the issue though, i want to create another device template for my AP650(AH), but when i go to add it, this in my only option:

and its only showing AP650 (Wing)...... and not my version of 650.....

from what you said, if i add that and apply it, then what happens with the firmware?

Basically i have a couple of AP650 templates for various reasons, which i created some time ago, and now i need to create another one, but only have the (wing) one showing... obviosuly i dont want to use it if its on some different kind of OS.... i have 148 AP650(AH)'s..... so im sure you understand where im coming from.... did my ones get removed form that template list my accident, can it be put back as a choice?  

what now?

thanks for getting back to me,
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Never mind...  the AH one is closer to the top, i must have scrolled way past it, and the WING one shows up..... Thanks again for letting me know..J